Studying English Together at our first group lesson

English Life Cairns had it’s first group English lesson on Saturday. We worked on job interviews, skills qualifications & experience.

Group classes combine the 4 elements of language learning. Speaking, listening, reading & writing. In the modern world reading an writing is most often done on our phone or computer. Technology is a part of our teaching process. The class is linked live to the internet. Searching and checking information on the internet is something most of us do daily. Learning to do this in English is part of preparation for your “English Life”. Students also use their mobile phones to text each other and the teacher for some activities and contests. We want you to learn the same way that you live your life. This also helps us use less paper and help the environment.

Work contracts, insurance, checking qualifications and job details are important areas of English for your life. We can read and work on real life documents and forms. During the “Work English” lessons the class searches for, downloads and fills in documents. This can be a complicated area of English, with special vocabulary. Completing this paperwork correctly is an important life skill and helps you live your English Life smoothly & successfully. This is an example of real life study.

Another important part of study with English Life Cairns is having fun. When we are enjoying ourselves our energy is high and we stay connected. Group classes are about working together, learning together and hopefully laughing together. As much as possible we try to have games and competitions. Wanting to win, and having fun learning is very good for our focus and our memory. We hope our students “work hard, work smart and have fun!”

Good work everyone – thanks to Bruno, Carrol, Angela, Flav, Gabby, Taka & Hoony.

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