One to One Chat Classes

One to one classes give you the most opportunity to practice speaking and listening. These lessons are based on free conversation on any topic.

Conversation classes include a variety of study and practice methods. Sometimes students are encouraged to talk freely, without interruption. Sometimes exercises and tests will be given on problem areas to allow you to quickly improve. This gives you practice developing fluency and then allows you to understand and focus on your problem areas in vocabulary, the structure of your speech or your pronunciation.

We talk about things you are interested in & always have a laugh. We might talk about sport, music, movies, art, history, cooking, famous people, or just have a chat about your job, your home or how you are enjoying life in Australia. During regular Conversation Classes the teacher will become familiar with your English skills and give you direct, personal feedback on how to improve.

Homework is not usually given in one to one lessons, but you can be given special conversation subjects or people to do some research on. For students on a tight budget, two people can come to a one to one class and share the cost.

These classes are very good for IELTS students to practice their spoken English skills.