Study Activities

Students at English Life Cairns can join in on extra fun activities outside class time.

“I believe that the best way to learn a language is to use it to do something, especially as part of a group.”
Peter Reid

Having a BBQ, cooking together, watching movies and discussing them gives students the opportunity to practice and develop their English skills having fun and doing something. You also get to meet other students and become friends, which always makes taking Group Classes together more fun too.

English Life Cairns will always give you extra material to take home and use in your own study time, even when you join in an activity. It might be a menu for a recipe we are cooking, or for a BBQ, or notes on a movie or event we go to together. Students are always welcome to contact me with English questions or problems, and group activities are another great opportunity to get feedback.

We are always thinking about fun activities and students are welcome to make suggestions for these as well. We want to give you the chance to study the way you want to, doing things you enjoy and are interested in. Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome!