English lessons online: are they effective?

English lessons online use chat messaging
Digital communication chat features are useful

Online lessons are safer

English lessons online are very effective. They actually have some advantages over face to face lessons. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a change in attitude to online communication. We face travel bans and the need to socially distance ourselves. This has forced many business people to accept online communication. It is also true in regard to language study. Online language lessons are now much more common than two years ago and the change will probably be permanent.

Things have changed

In the past I enjoyed having my students visit me for lessons. I also organised field trips for my students. We explored the beautiful natural areas around Cairns. But for the last year I have taught most of my English lessons online. I feel they are as effective as face to face classes and there are actually some advantages to using platforms such as Zoom and Skype.

Online lessons are convenient

Doing English lessons online is convenient. Students and teachers can study in the comfort of their own home or home office. They allow me to offer classes later at night and earlier in the morning. In the past I started teaching at 9am and finishing at 6pm. I now offer lessons from 8am to 8pm. Neither myself nor my students need to travel. Doing English lessons online is definitely more convenient.

Screen sharing

Teaching English online makes it easy to exchange information and use external sources of information. We can exchange written notes and questions with chat functions. We can show each other websites, images, or other resources by using screen sharing. I enjoyed the personal contact of face to face teaching. But like many other teachers and students I am now a big fan of doing English lessons online.

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